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In this week’s podcast we look into the question, “What can I do with a Law Degree?” We speak with Robert Boland, sports agent, attorney, and professor at NYU; Caroline Dowd Higgins, Director of the Career and Professional Development Office at Indiana School of Law; and Robert Nelson, Director of the American Bar Foundation.

Robert Boland came to us with a rather unique story. Although he was a passionate student athlete in college, worked in various athletics-related capacities, and did graduate work in sports broadcast management, he didn’t immediately go into sports agency after law school. Instead, he clerked, then served as an assistant district attorney, confidential assistant to a trial judge, and as a special counsel in antitrust litigation (the most common sports law issue) at two large New York law firms. It was only when he co-founded Global Athletic Management Enterprises (GAME) in 1998 that he began to build his sports clientele, and truly began a fruitful career in sports agency: endorsement and general athletic contract negotiation. He still works in the sports industry and serves as a full-time professor at NYU in the Masters of Sports Management program.

Our other two guests also shed light to other options available to students who graduate with a law degree.
Caroline Dowd Higgins talks about the advice she gives her students when they are just starting law school and are looking for a career path.

Robert Nelson talks about a study the American Bar Foundation did called After the JD and some of the surprising (and not-so-surprising) facts they discovered.

One of the most poignant (and most heartening) things you will learn from this podcast is that with a law degree you can–and many people do–follow your heart.


Robert Boland – Professor, Sports Agent, Attorney – New York University
Caroline Dowd Higgins – Director of the Career and Professional Development Office – Indiana University
Robert Nelson – Director – American Bar Foundation

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