University of Virginia Law School

Today’s featured law school is the University of Virginia Law School. During the program you will hear from the Senior Assistant Dean of Admissions, Jason Trujillo, and 3L student Chris Wimbush.

The U.S. News & World Report ranks UVA Law 10th in its most recent law school rankings. The school currently has a full-time enrollment of 1,110 students. Tuition for 2010-2011 in-state students is around $38,000 and a little over $43,000 for out-of-state students. In 2010, UVA Law received close to 7,800 applications requesting admission; of those, 14% were accepted. For the incoming class of 2013, the median LSAT score was 170 and the median GPA was 3.85.

Assistant Dean Trujillo begins by pointing out that it is the overall student satisfaction of UVA Law students and the closeness and devotion of UVA alumni which make the school unique. He says their alumni giving has, in the past, been number one in the county and believes that indicates the dedication their alumni have to the program.

Dean Trujillo advises that students interested in applying to UVA Law take care of their application, making sure it is clean, clear, and cohesive. He also warns students that every contact they have the UVA admission office is like a “mini-interview”–and so applicants should make sure that whenever they contact the UVA Law Admissions Office they are respectful and courteous. He encourages prospective applicants to visit UVA Law and some time to talk to professors and other students.

Our UVA Law student perspective comes from 3L Chris Wimbush. Wimbush praises the UVA Law faculty and student interaction, naming both as his favorite aspects of the school. He believes that UVA Law is a special place to attend law school because of its easy going, not overly competitive student culture. In closing, Wimbush suggests that, when making the decision on where to attend law school, prospective applicants ask themselves where they will be happiest. He says you need to find a place where you will mesh with the people and feel supported, both things he says he’s found at UVA Law.

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