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This week’s podcast discusses the transfer process for law school students. Our guests are Anna Ivey, author of The Ivey Guide to Law School Admissions; Ann Levine, author of The Law School Admission Game; and Joyce Curll, author of Best Law School Admission Secrets.

Our first guest, Anna Ivey, talks about how important it is for students considering transferring to pay close attention to their performance during the first year. Most law programs require the transfer process to happen immediately after the 1L year and will use 1L grades as the primary academic indicator with a student’s admission credentials. Along with the 1L grades, Ivey suggests that the availability of seats at the school where a student is planning on transferring to also plays a major role. Lastly, she discusses how a student’s professional goals should be one of the primary factors students consider when determining if transferring is the best move for them.

Ann Levine, our second guest, talks about some of the reasons why students should transfer law schools, in particular “{moving up” in the rankings. She, like Ivey, says that the transfer process can be unpredictable because there are no set requirements for transferring students nor a set number of slots that are available to transfer students from year to year. Along with professional goals, Levine suggests that location, reputation, and job opportunities should be other factors students should consider when deciding if transferring is the right move for them, and where to transfer.

Our final guest, Joyce Curll, says that if a student wants to transfer law schools, they should. She suggests that you should make a decision based on what makes sense for your personal goals and happiness. Finally, she talks about the importance of building yourself as a professional student during your first year of school, and understanding that law schools will look at grades and accomplishments when considering your transfer application.


Anna Ivey – Author of The Ivey Guide to Law School Admissions
Ann Levine – Author of The Law School Admission Game
Joyce Curll – Author of Best Law School Admission Secrets

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