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Today’s featured law school is the University of Michigan. During the program you will hear from Evan Caminker, Dean of the law school and Leah Litman, a 2010 graduate of Michigan law school.

The University of Michigan law school is currently ranked 9th in the nation by the US News and World Report, and has a full-time enrollment of 1,117 students. For the entering class of 2012, the median LSAT score was a 169 and the median GPA was a 3.7.

Dean Caminker says the best part about Michigan law is that it offers both a community and collegial environment for its students. He goes on to say that the student and faculty are very supportive of one another and with those relationships come an accessible atmosphere. When offering advice for students looking to attend Michigan law, Dean Caminker says, to showcase what makes you special in your application. Michigan has a holistic evaluation of the applications so they are looking for the most well rounded students. Finally, Dean Caminker says Michigan is a great choice for law school because of the top-notch academic programs and the variety of opportunities it offers it students, from an outstanding legal practice program to a large number of clinics.

Leah Litman, our Michigan law student representative, says her favorite thing about Michigan Law is going to school in Ann Arbor. She attributes the community feel of the law school to the collegial feel the city brings. She also says that the student life aspect in the program has the best parts of college but with a better intellectual outlet. Finally, when offering advice to potential Wolverines, she suggests coming to visit and get a feel for how much fun the current students have on campus.


Evan Caminker – Dean of The University of Michigan Law School
Leah Litman – A 2010 graduate of The University of Michigan Law School

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