The University of Iowa College of Law

Today’s featured law school is The University of Iowa College of Law. During the program you will hear from Iowa Law’s Assistant Dean of Admissions, Collins Byrd, and a student in the 2012 graduating class, Mosah Fernandez-Goodwin.

The U.S. News & World Report ranks the University of Iowa College of Law 27th in its most recent law school rankings. The school currently has a full-time enrollment of 590 students; it costs a little over $21,000 a year for in-state, and a little over $39,000 for out-of-state students. In 2009, Iowa Law received about 1,800 applications, and accepted approximately 35% of their applicants. For the incoming class of 2012, the median LSAT score was 161 and the median GPA was 3.62.

Assistant Dean Byrd says that one of the aspects that makes his law school exceptional are the extremely involved alumni who not only provide support to current students, but provide backing to the school itself. When it comes to potential applicants, he suggests spending additional time on the personal statement, ensuring that it stands out and shows facets of your candidacy not available elsewhere. Assistant Dean Byrd suggests that, although the LSAT is important, potential applicants shouldn’t place all their time and attention on the LSAT, potentially losing sight of their academics and allowing their grades to suffer; he says both are important, and should both play a prominent role in the application.

The student perspective at the University of Iowa Law School comes from 3L Mosah Fernandez-Goodman. Fernandez-Goodman tells our listeners that his favorite aspect of the law school is the environment the schools surround its students with. He also says the variety of opportunities the school offers—from football tailgates to a great academic reputation—are what makes Iowa Law different and unique. Finally, Fernandez-Goodman suggests that students come visit that school so they are able to experience everything for themselves, and make an educated decision about their law school choices.

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