The University of Chicago Law School

Today’s featured law school is The University of Chicago Law School. During the program you will hear from the Dean of the law school, Michael Schill, and a student in the 2011 graduating class, Tracy Tong.

The U.S. News & World Report ranks Chicago Law 5th in its most recent law school rankings. The school currently has a full-time enrollment of 634 students; it costs a little over $45,000 a year for in-state and out-of-state students. In 2009, Chicago Law accepted approximately 15% of their applicants. For the incoming class of 2012, the median LSAT score was 170 and the median GPA was 3.73.

Dean Schill believes that one of the things that set Chicago Law apart is the fact that it is the only small and elite law school the city. Because of the school’s elite status, he suggests that potential applicants strive to do very well in college, and study diligently for the LSAT. Dean Schill explains that the University of Chicago Law School accepts very few applicants, and places a great deal of importance on a student’s academic credentials. He also suggests that students come and visit the school to see how much teachers and administrators care about the students and experience the beauty of the campus.

The student perspective at the University of Chicago Law School comes from 3L Tracy Tong. Tong tells us that her favorite aspect of her law school is the personal experience you get while a student at Chicago Law. She goes on to explain that the diverse student life experience on campus is exceptional. Tong seconds Dean Schill’s advice, and encourages potential applicants to visit the school, in order to determine if the school is the kind of environment you can see yourself spending three years in. If it is, and you like the city of Chicago, she says, then the school will be a great fit.

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