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Our topic this week is the law school admissions interview. Though most law schools don’t require or request a formal interview as part of the admissions process, the ability to engage in a successful law school interview is an important skill for all law school applicants to master. It is important to remember that any interaction, formal or informal, you have with a representative from a law school can affect your admissions chances. Therefore, even if you find yourself meeting a law school representative at a relaxed social event, understanding the best interview techniques and how to apply them effectively is important. Being a successful law school interviewee can also ultimately aid you when interviewing for legal jobs or summer internships.

On today’s program we talk to Natalie Prescott, attorney and co-author of Nail Your Law Job Interview; Anna Ivey, author of The Ivey Guide to Law School Admissions; and Cliff Ennico, co-author of The Legal Job Interview.

Anna Ivey, author and former Dean of Admissions at the University of Chicago Law School, encourages applicants to truly take the “practice makes perfect” adage to heart when it comes to law school interviews. She acknowledges that it can be awkward to speak into a camera or mirror as you practice, but states that knowing how you look and sound when speaking is important. She also provides insights on how a student can succeed in both a formal and informal interview setting.

Natalie Prescott, a practicing attorney and author, stresses the importance of seizing all opportunities to meet with admissions representatives. Being able to meet face-to-face with someone from the law schools you are applying to can be crucial for the success of the admissions process. She also mentions, however, that doing research on the person you will be meeting with and the institution they represent is essential. You should always know whom you are speaking with and pertinent information about their program.

Finally, Cliff Ennico says that interview skills are not only beneficial for conducting effective law school interviews, but also for summer internships and legal job interviews. He suggests that you should aim to portray a relaxed aura during your interview. He warns against talking too much or seeming overeager. He underlines that you want to appear to be a “no fuss” type of person, and should answer the questions as they come with ease and candor.


Natalie Prescott – Attorney and Co-Author of Nail Your Law Job Interview
Anna Ivey – Author of The Ivey Guide to Law School Admissions
Cliff Ennico – Author of The Legal Job Interview

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