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The George Washington University Law School

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Today’s featured law school is George Washington University Law School. During the program you will hear from Fredrick Lawrence, Dean of the law school, and Theresa Bowman, the current Student Bar Association President at George Washington law.

George Washington law is currently ranked number 20 by the US News and World Report rankings. They have a full time enrollment of 1328 and it currently costs a little over $42,000 for both in and out-of-state students. In 2009 there were over 9,000 applicants and over 2,000 of those were admitted. Also, the median LSAT score was a 167 while the median GPA was a 3.77.

Dean Lawrence says two things make his law school unique; one being the location in which the program is located, Washington DC; and the collaborative nature of the faculty and student body. He also discusses when students are applying to law school they should all consider George Washington. Dean Lawrence goes on to suggest how important it is to visit law schools, especially George Washington, so you can understand the distinctive experience of going to school in the Nation’s capital.

Theresa Bowman, the student perspective for George Washington law, says her favorite aspect of the law school is the faculty she gets to interact with everyday. She also discusses the amazing opportunities that Washington DC offers to its students. She says being able to go to school in such a great city allows a bigger variety of student outlets and activities outside the classroom. Finally, she goes on to say that not only is it great to learn any subject in Washington but law is even more special. Theresa also says going to school in the city in which the most important cases are argued is a special and unique experience.

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