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If you’re a “little” nervous about taking the upcoming LSAT, you won’t want to miss this podcast that takes an in-depth look at test anxiety. We will hear from two experts on test anxiety: Dr. Joseph Casbarro, author of Test Anxiety and What You Can Do About It, and Benjamin Moss, a clinical hypnotherapist in California.

Benjamin Moss starts by discussing what he believes to be the root of test anxiety: The test-taker’s overwhelming concern of the outcome. He explains that students are often so concerned with what will happen once the outcome of the test is revealed that they become overwhelmed with the test itself. Like Dr. Joseph Casbarro does later in the program, he discusses the use of breathing exercises to calm the nerves, reduce the stress, and aid in the focus of anxious test-takers. He says he believes that students will soon turn to hypnotherapy in order to defray the stress associated with the LSAT, and perhaps even the Bar.

Dr. Casbarro starts by emphasizing the importance of test preparation. He states that, even if you have breathing exercises and anxiety remedies on hand, you will not perform to the best of your ability if you are not prepared for the exam. He remains positive about anxious students’ abilities to channel their stress and anxiety into fruitful test results, however, and says that, although this stress and anxiety comes from years of habits built during test taking and can’t be changed overnight, it is possible to change and positively affect these behavior and harness test anxiety to a student’s benefit.


Dr. Joseph Casbarro – Author of Test Anxiety and What You Can Do About It
Benjamin MossClinical Hypnotherapist

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