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This week’s podcast discusses the February LSAT test date. In addition to the February administration, students can take the test at three other times during the year: June, September/October, and December. Our guests today discuss the stigma placed on the February administration, and who should consider taking this test.

Our first guest, Sandy Hayes of Seattle-based Steve Klein Test Prep Company, talks about the negative connotations the February LSAT used to have-connotations she says no longer exist. She suggests that the majority of students who are preparing for the February test are “ahead of the curve”-instead of being late in taking the LSAT for admission in the fall of the same year, she says, her students are actually taking it a year and a half prior to enrolling in law school. She also debunks the myth that the February test is harder than other administrations. The only difference between the February LSAT and the other three dates, she clarifies, is that you don’t receive your test questions with your scores.

Our second guest, Eva Lana from Binary Solution Test Preparation in New York City, says that there are few a things to consider when deciding when to take the LSAT. First, she suggests that students carefully consider the application deadlines for the schools to which they are applying. She also says if you are considering a highly ranked law school, you should make the October LSAT the last LSAT you take, and says that your application should be submitted by Thanksgiving to give your candidacy the greatest advantage possible.


Sandy Hayes – Office Manager, The Steve Klein Company
Eva Lana – President and Founder of Binary Solution Test Preparation

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