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This week’s podcast discusses how to prepare for law school and get the 1L advantage even before you decide to attend. On the program we will hear from Steve Stein, co-creator of PowerScore Test Preparation’s 1L Advantage course, and Ursula Furi-Perry, Director of Academic Support and adjunct professor at Massachusetts School of Law at Andover and a 1L Advantage course instructor.

Steve Stein begins by likening preparation for the first year of law school to preparation prior to taking the LSAT—although many students do not see 1L preparation as necessary or as important as LSAT prep, Stein believes it can make all the difference in a student’s initial performance and adjustment in law school. He goes on to discuss the 1L Advantage course that PowerScore offers; the course, he says, allows students to both reiterate their desire to attend law school and be one step ahead of their classmates once they get there. A course like PowerScore’s, he contends, gives students a law school edge, allowing them to get a sense of how classes and exams will be in law school, and giving them a “good ear” for the new legal language they’ll be learning there. In closing, Stein comforts students, and tells them that they are not alone as they prepare to go off to law school—many students are in the same position, indecisive about the type of law they wish to practice, and unsure about what law school holds for them—a course like PowerScore’s 1L Advantage will give them a sense of familiarity with different legal specializations, and will give them basic knowledge of what to expect once they step on campus for the first day of class.

Ursula Furi-Perry agrees with Stein about the importance of a course like 1L Advantage—students shouldn’t simply start law school without first taking the time to get acquainted with what will be expected of them. Furi-Perry underscores the serious commitment involved in attending law school, and encourages students to enhance their reading, writing, analytical, and communication skills; take care of any pressing personal matters; and gain some legal experience prior to attending law school. In closing, Furi-Perry recommends that students organize their life, manage their time, carve out time for non-law school pursuits, and not get overly stressed before attending law school. A course like PowerScore’s 1L Advantage, she says, can help students meet these goals.


Steve Stein – Co-creator of PowerScore Test Preparation’s 1L Advantage Course
Ursula Furi-Perry – Director of Academic Support and adjunct professor at Massachusetts School of Law at Andover and a 1L Advantage Course instructor

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