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Today’s featured law school is the Penn State University Dickinson School of Law. During the program you will hear from Jay Shively, Assistant Dean of Admission at the law school, and Valerie Eifert, a May 2010 graduate of the school.

Pennsylavnia State University Dickenson School of Law is currently ranked in the top tier of the Us News and World Report rankings. They have a full time enrollment of 586 and it currently costs a little over $34,000 for both in and out-of-state students. In 2009 there were over 4,000 applicants and over 1,000 of those were admitted. Also, the median LSAT score was a 158 while the median GPA was a 3.5.

Jay says that what makes his law school stand out is the state of the art facilities and faculty. He suggests that the faculty at Penn State Law offer opportunities to their students, which is hard to find elsewhere. He also says that when applying to Penn State Law, the test scores and GPA are obviously important but to add a touch of personal information, which is something they look highly upon. He says that offering the admissions office a look into you, as a student, gives an advantage when looking to admit their 1L class. Also, he suggests that traveling and visiting schools gives students an opportunity to get first hand experience of what the law program at Penn State and others around the country would be.

Valerie Eifert, the student perspective of Penn State Law, says that the students in her program give it a big advantage. She says the student body is very helpful and willing to work with fellow students to allow everyone to be successful. Valerie goes on to say that because Penn State Law is divided on two campuses, the extra curricular activities that are available are both unique and high tech. She says that most of the time when an organization has a meeting they are teleconferencing with the other campus to make sure everyone feels involved. Finally, Valerie says that because of the economy and lack of jobs in the legal world, Penn State offers great training to their students to become self-starters so they can succeed even in the worst of times.

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