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Part-Time Law School Programs

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This week’s podcast discusses part-time law programs. Our guests today are Erin Van Dorn, Associate Director of Admissions at Temple University Beasley School of Law; Anne Richard, Associate Dean for Admissions and Financial Aid at The George Washington University Law School; and Alison Price, Associate Dean and Director of Admissions at George Mason School of Law.

Our first guest, Erin Van Dorn, says that students who have a full-time job or can only devote part of their time to law school are excellent candidates for part-time law programs. She also says that the application process for both full-time and part-time law school applicants is very similar, and goes on to explain that, although a part-time law school program is typically completed at night and takes an extra year to obtain the degree, students should realize that it is still a considerable commitment. She suggests that students considering applying to and undertaking a part-time law program meet with other part-time law students to make sure they will be able to handle the time commitment and other attributes required of them once they matriculate.

Our second guest, Anne Richard, has similar views to Director Van Dorn when it comes to who she believes would be a good fit for a part-time program. She says that students with families and other large commitments might benefit from being a part-time law school student. Dean Richard warns that both full- and part-time law programs are very rigorous and require dedication on the part of the student. She suggests that students understand the time commitment that will be required of them before deciding to attend a part-time law program.

Our final guest, Alison Price, warns that students who decide to attend law school part-time because they must keep their full-time must be very disciplined in order to do both well. She also advises, like Director Van Dorn, that prospective part-time students speak with current part-time students to truly get an understanding of what the program will demand of them.


Anne Richard – Associate Dean for Admissions and Financial Aid at George Washington University Law School
Alison Price – Associate Dean and Director of Admission at George Mason School of Law
Erin Van Dorn – Associate Director of Admissions at Temple University Beasley School of Law

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