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Northwestern University Law School


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Today’s featured law school is Northwestern University Law School. During the program you will hear from David Van Zandt, Dean of the law school, and Rachel Coe, currently a third-year student at Northwestern Law.

U.S. News & World Report currently places Northwestern Law at number 11 in its law school rankings. The school has a full-time enrollment of 814 students, and currently costs a little over $47,000 a year for both in-state and out-of-state students. In 2009, Northwestern received over 5,000 applications, with approximately 17% of applicants being offered admission. The median LSAT score for the incoming class of 2009 was a 170, while the median GPA was a 3.72.

Northwestern is one of only a few top law schools that requires interviews as a part of its application process, a practice that Dean Van Zandt says it has adopted as a means of getting to know applicants better and being able to select the very best (both personally and academically) when it comes time to finalize each incoming class.

Dean Van Zandt also emphasizes that the amount of real-world work experience incoming students bring to Northwestern with them is one of the aspects that make his school stand out. One of the benefits of an incoming class with a wealth of work and life experience, he says, is that students can then bring this knowledge to the classroom. This allows students to learn not just from their professor, but from other students and their personal experiences.

Rachel Coe, our student perspective for Northwestern Law, tells us that her favorite aspect of the law school is the different opportunities available to the student body. From academics to social activities, says Coe, there is very little that not available to the Northwestern Law student. Coe also mentions that is often what happens outside of the classroom that makes her school unique: It is the events and organizations that are offered at Northwestern that make it feel like a community, and a home for its students. She encourages prospective law school applicants to visit Northwestern (as well as any other school they are considering), to truly discover the unique aspects of the institution, and how they can benefit their law school career.

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