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Making The Most Of Your Summers

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This week’s podcast discusses how to make the most of your summers while in law school. We’ll hear from experts Ann Levine, author of Law School Decision and www.lawschoolexpert.com; Elie Mystal, an editor at AboveTheLaw.com; and Anne Chaconas, Director of Admissions Counseling at PowerScore Test Preparation.

Ann Levine believes that networking is the best way to move up the legal employment ladder, and that students should devote some time during their summers to this vital activity. She underscores the importance of seeking out people that can either offer you a job post-graduation or have the ability to introduce you to someone who can. In addition, Levine offers some thoughts of what students shouldn’t do when planning their law schools summers, warning students that opportunities will not simply “hop in their lap,” and that they should be too picky about the offers that come their way. She finishes her comments by suggesting students do their best to work in various and varied areas of legal employment during their summers, and to experiment with jobs and summer work while they can.

Our second guest, Elie Mystal, discusses the differences between 1L and 2L summers and 2L and 3L summers. Mystal specifically mentions that during the summer going into a student’s 2L year students should be trying different opportunities out, and during the summer going into the 3L year, students should either already have employment offered to them or being working towards that goal. He also suggests one of the best things a student can do during their summers is attend trials and become familiar with the legal workings of a courtroom. Mystal finishes his comments by suggesting that students spend the summer after graduating from law school studying for the bar.

Our final guest, Anne Chaconas, agrees with our first two guests and reiterates the summer going into your 2L year is extremely important. She also discusses the alternatives to summer legal jobs, including summer school and legal internships. Chaconas emphasizes the importance of starting to look for summer work or activities early in order to have a successful summer employment search. Chaconas says that, by starting early, students will be able to avoid feeling overwhelmed, and will also have plenty of time to ensure that their employment profile, in particular their grades and résumé, are in peak condition.


Ann Levine – Author of Law School Decision and LawSchoolExpert.com
Elie Mystal – Editor at Above the Law
Anne Chaconas – Director of Admissions Counseling at PowerScore Test Preparation

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