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This week’s podcast discusses LSAT training on-the-go, e.g., using flashcards and iPhone applications as a method of training and studying for the test. Our guests today are Andrew Brody, National Content Director for LSAT programs at The Princeton Review; Jeff Thomas, Assistant Director of Pre-Law programs for Kaplan Test Prep; and Ashish Rangnekar, co-founder and CEO of Watermelon EXPRESS, a company that produces educational iPhone and iPad applications for the GMAT and the LSAT.

Our first guest, Andrew Brody, believes that LSAT training on-the-go should only be used as a supplement to a more rigorous training schedule involving LSAT classes, tutors, and practice tests. He suggests that students can do a variety of things to prepare for the LSAT on-the-go: Listen to podcasts, use iPhone apps, or even change their everyday reading material to focus on a different part of the test on a daily basis. However, he emphasizes that on-the-go training should ideally only be done along with another, more formal, type of LSAT practice.

Our second guest, Jeff Thomas, agrees with Brody and suggests that on-the-go options are good for students who only use that source of training as a supplement. If a student is too busy to prepare for the LSAT using traditional resources such as classes and practice tests, and only uses on-the-go materials, Thomas suggests that they should reconsider their priorities and rearrange their schedule to find time to properly prepare for the test. He also talks about his company’s many on-the-go studying options and their more traditional ways to prepare for the LSAT.

Our final guest, Ashish Rangnekar, says that his company’s LSAT applications offer a convenient way for students to prepare for the LSAT. Rangnekar says that, along with including a great deal of study material in the application, Watermelon EXPRESS also offers the ability to socialize with other students using the LSAT preparation application.


Andrew Brody – National Director for LSAT programs at The Princeton Review
Jeff Thomas – Director of Pre-Law Programs for Kaplan Test Prep
Ashish Rangnekar – Co-founder of Watermelon Express

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