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This week’s podcast discusses testing accommodations for the LSAT. Our guests today are Dr. Stephen Mouton, a clinical psychologist and owner of PrivateTesting.com; Dr. Karl Wagner, president of Powell & Wagner Associates, a private consulting psychology practice in Cambridge, Mass.; and Kevin Fritz, a 1L student at Washington University School of Law in Saint Louis who needed LSAT test accommodations when taking the LSAT. We reached out to Law School Admissions Council (LSAT), who creates and administers the LSAT, requesting comment for this piece, but they declined to comment.

Our first guest, Dr. Stephen Mouton, says there are a lot of options when requesting testing accommodations for any standardized test. However, he stresses that, before requesting from the governing body for the exam, students need to make sure they fulfill all the required qualifications. Dr. Mouton also says that students with disabilities should take some time to investigate the accommodations options that are available, in order to determine what will help them succeed on the LSAT.

Our second guest, Dr. Karl Wagner, says that companies like his exist to help students obtain the necessary paperwork and testing required to request testing accommodations. He also advises that students decide if they will need accommodations well in advance of the test, since the evaluation and accommodations request process is a lengthy ordeal that often takes considerable time.

Our final guest, Kevin Fritz, draws from his own personal history with testing accommodations. Fritz suffers from muscular dystrophy, requested testing accommodations from LSAC when he decided to take the LSAT, and did not receive the accommodations he wished to obtain. He now works with The National Association of Law Students with Disabilities, where he is able to help students like himself.


Dr. Karl Wagner – President of Powell & Wagner Associates
Dr. Stephen Mouton – Clinical Psychologist and Owner of PrivateTesting.com
Kevin Fritz – 1L at Washington University School of Law in Saint Louis

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