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This week’s podcast covers law school scholarships and discusses some ways to help pay for your law school education. Brandon Hamilton, Assistant Dean for Admissions at the University of Louisville Brandeis School of Law, discusses the process Louisville Law applicants go through to be considered for scholarships. He says that students have the ability to receive scholarships not only for academic achievement, but also for leadership qualities and diversity of background. Hamilton points out that scholarships at his school and many others don’t require the applicant to file an additional application. At the Louisville Law, applicants are automatically considered for scholarships through the content of their admissions application. Hamilton also encourages students who have received a more substantial package at one law school than at others to call the admissions offices at the other schools and engage in “scholarship negotiating.”

Another guest on today’s show, Debbie Hohler, is the spokesperson for UPromise.com. Though not a traditional way to help pay for your law school education, UPromise offers a variety of opportunities for students to receive easily-earned cash to help pay their bills. UPromise offers credit cards to students and their families that offer cash-back opportunities from a variety of places that students frequently visit. The cash-back benefits students receive are sent to an account and can be used to directly pay back student loans or other student expenses.

Our final guest is Mark Kantrowitz, publisher of FastWeb.com and FinAid.org. FastWeb lists many scholarship opportunities for students in a variety of different fields. On the site, students are able to fill out a questionnaire detailing their background and educational goals, allowing the scholarship selection process to take place more efficiently than a traditional pen-and-paper approach. Kantrowitz also mentions that FastWeb is not limited to only scholarships; fellowships are also found on the site and can prove to be a good option for graduate and professional students.


Debbie Hohler – Spokesman for UPromise.com
Mark Kantrowitz – Publisher of FastWeb.com and FinAid.org
Brandon Hamilton – Assistant Dean for Admissions at the University of Louisville Brandeis School of Law

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