Podcast Highlight:

This week’s podcast explores student life in law school. We discuss the need for and benefits of involvement in student organizations while attending law school.

Deans Laura Ferrari and Janet Stearns both emphasize that being involved in life outside of the classroom during law school is important. They discuss how participating in different organizations can offer many networking opportunities for students, as well as being the conduit to involvement in aspects of the law in which you may not be able to take a class. Student organizations, they state, allow you to add variety and spice to the set curriculum of your 1L year.

However, Dean Ferrari and Dean Stearns also believe that working hard to maintain a good balance between academic requirement and extracurricular involvement is important. Students, they say, should make sure they are not overwhelmed with their student organization commitments, and can still on their academics.

Our student guest is Kent Lloyd, a member of the Penn State Law Class of 2010 and the Vice Chair on the American Bar Association Student Law Division. He echoes the advice of Deans Ferrari and Stearns, but also offers advice to students interested in becoming involved in law school student organizations, emphasizing the importance of not just signing up for organizations, but also reaching out to the current student leaders of each group and inquiring what would be required of 1L and 2L students who want to become involved. Student life, he suggests, can be a valuable addition to your law school career, when it is carefully interwoven with your academic obligations.


Laura Ferrari – Dean of Students – Suffolk University Law School
Janet Stearns – Dean of Students – University of Miami Law School
Kent Lloyd – Vice Chair of the American Bar Association Student Law Division and Third-Year Law Student at Penn State’s Dickinson School of Law

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