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This week’s podcast discusses timing on the LSAT. Our guests discuss the “art and science” of LSAT pacing, the pitfalls of a timed standardized test, and advice on what students can do to improve their timing on the LSAT.

On the program we have Eva Lana, President of Binary Solution Test Preparation; Andrew Brody, National Content Director for LSAT Programs at The Princeton Review; and Sandy Hayes, Manager of The Steven Klein Test Prep Company.

Our first guest, Eva Lana, believes that students often “get stuck” on questions they don’t know, and lose time on the test that way. She advises all of her students to initially focus on the questions they can answer and skip the others. Lana believes that every student is a different type of test taker, and suggests that students focus on finding out which type of test taker they are, since that will allow them to be more successful. She encourages students to study and approach the LSAT with confidence, because this confidence will allow them to feel less pressured when taking the test.

Andrew Brody, National Content Director for LSAT programs at The Princeton Review, says that pacing and accuracy are the best two traits students can have when trying to succeed on the LSAT. He talks about what students should do when, on the LSAT, they faced between skipping a question they don’t quite understand or working at it until they have an answer, although his may cost them valuable time. When it comes to understand and succeeding on LSAT timing, he says, practice makes perfect.

Our final guest, Sandy Hayes, says her students learn the best way to deal with timing on the LSAT through their test prep classes. She talks about her experiences with some of Klein’s past students as they worked through issues with timing, and says it is key for students to find a balance between being effective and being efficient on the test.


Eva Lana – President of Binary Solution Test Preparation
Andrew Brody – National Content Director for LSAT Programs at the Princeton Review
Sandy Hayes – Manager of The Steven Klein Test Prep Company

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