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This week’s podcast looks into Hollywood’s misconceptions of lawyers. We spoke with Michelle King, Creator and Executive Producer of “The Good Wife” on CBS; Elie Mystal, Editor of abovethelaw.com; and Michael Asimow, Professor of Law Emeritus at UCLA and author of Lawyers in your Living Room and Reel Justice.

This podcast gives us insight from three different experts into film portrayal of lawyers. Michelle King creates the portrayals, Michael Asimow researches, writes, and teaches on this subject, and Elie Mystal uses his website to provide critiques of Hollywood portrayals of attorneys.

King believes timeline issues are the biggest inaccuracy Hollywood portrays, and mentions that no one should use Hollywood as their key source of information for the profession.

Asimow discusses the difference between how television and movies portray attorneys, and the evolution of this portrayal since the beginning of the sound era in the 1930s.

Finally, Mystal talks about the reality of law school and being a lawyer compared to how American students perceive Hollywood’s version. He also suggests a variety of ways to get a better idea of what being an attorney entails, rather than relying on “Law and Order” and other popular law programs on television.


Michelle King – Co-Creator and Executive Producer of The Good Wife on CBS
Elie Mystal – Editor – AboveTheLaw.Com
Michael Asimow – Professor Emeritus – UCLA School of Law

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