Podcast Highlight:

This week’s podcast covers the basics of the LSAT. We spoke with Linda Ashar, author of 101 Ways to Score Higher on Your LSAT; Jon Denning, Development Director for PowerScore; and Andrew Brody, Princeton Review’s National Content Director for LSAT Programs. In the program we take a look at some particulars of the test, including: when the exam is offered; the section break-down and timing of each section; and the content of the six sections (analytical reasoning, logical reasoning, reading comprehensive and an experimental section).

Listen to what the experts have to say about: the strategy of taking the test; not letting the experimental section hurt your performance on other sections; the misconceptions of the test (for example, it doesn’t test subject based knowledge); and the best ways to prepare for the LSAT.

This podcast will provide you with a working knowledge of the LSAT, helping you understand the basics of the test and giving you an idea of the best way to prepare for this important exam.


Linda Ashar – Author – 101 Ways to Score Higher on Your LSAT
Jon Denning – Development Director – PowerScore
Andrew Brody – National Content Director for LSAT Programs – Princeton Review

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