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This week’s podcast begins a new series for Law School Interactive. Once a month, we will be offering podcasts on specific law practices; this month we begin with Environmental Law. On the program we have John Pendergrass, Senior Attorney at the Environmental Law Institute, and Amy Armstrong, President and General Counsel of the South Carolina Environmental Law Project.

John Pendergrass offers great insight into the practice of environmental law, and suggests that students interested in this practice begin by having the basic goal of protecting the environment. He also suggests that core law classes are just as important in preparing for environmental law as the specific environmental law courses. Moreover, he states that environmental law is highly based in science and suggests that students do research on the practice to confirm their desire to practice such a specialized area of law.

Amy Armstrong also describes environmental law as a very specialized practice and suggests that students take classes, obtain clerkships, and undertake jobs to learn more about this area of the law. She explains that she has always been in the field of environmental law and thinks it is important for students to understand how specialized and technical the practice can be.


John Pendergrass – Senior Attorney, Environmental Law Institute
Amy Armstrong – President and General Counsel, South Carolina Environmental Law Project

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