Podcast Highlight:

This week’s podcast places us in a unique vantage point as we hear first-hand stories from three different students currently in law school. We will talk with a married law student who took time off before attending law school, a transfer student, and even someone who finished their undergraduate degree in three years, and then went immediately on to law school.

This podcast gives us a look inside students’ lives as they embark on their journey through law school, and gives us a perspective of what other students can expect if they decide to reach for the same goal.

John Carroll talks about the process of being a transfer student and what it was like to attend first a small private school, and then a large public institution. Kevin Mills tell us what it was like to take time off before attending law school, and how he balances school with being a husband. From Kim Watson we hear her story of finishing undergrad in three years and now being on the fast-track to a law degree.


Kevin Mills – Second Year – Stanford Law School
Kim Watson – First Year – University of Illinois College of Law
John Carroll – Second Year – Transferred to the University of South Carolina

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