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This week’s podcast features three current law school students. During the program you will hear about their experiences before and during law school.

The students featured in this program are Naziol Nazarinia, an upcoming 2L at Thomas Jefferson school of law and current Intellectual Property Fellow; Lauren Ellisberg, a recent graduate from New York Law School who hopes to work in the public sector; and Heather Shafer, a student in the 2012 graduating class at Loyola Law School in Los Angeles.

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  1. Parrot / University of Colorado at BoulderSturm College of Law at the University of DenverBut neither of these are good law schloos. Why? Because neither are considered a T14 law school (i.e. Top 14 law: Harvard, Yale, Stanford ). My advice, if you are considering attending any law school other than a T14, please reconsider. With the legal market being so terrible these days, its Yale or Fail. Don’t waste your money.

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