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Transferring Law Schools

This week’s podcast discusses the transfer process for law school students. Our guests are Anna Ivey, author of the Ivey Guide to Law School Admissions; Ann Levine, author of The Law School Admission Game; and Joyce Curll, author of Best Law School Admission Secrets.


Paying Off Your Student Loans

This week’s podcast discusses paying off student loans. Our guests are Heather Jarvis, attorney and Senior Program Manager for Law School Advocacy at Equal Justice Works; Edie Irons, expert on income-based repayment and public service loan forgiveness, and Communications Director at the Institute for College Access & Success; and Glen Herrick, Senior Vice President of Risk Management at Wells Fargo in Sioux Falls, South Dakota.


Should I work while attending law school?

This week’s podcast discusses working while in law school. On the program we have Hulett H. “Bucky” Askew, Consultant on Legal Education to the American Bar Association; Brad Kaufman, attorney and shareholder at Greenburg Traurig LLP, a law firm in Miami, Florida; and Susanne Aronowitz, Associate Dean for Law Career Services and Alumni Relations at Golden Gate University School of Law.


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