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Entertainment Law

This week’s podcast takes a look at the practice of entertainment law. On the program are legal experts Maggie Pisacane, an entertainment law attorney with Frankfurt, Kurnit, Klein and Selz; Larry Zerner, owner of the Law Office of Larry Zerner; and Ken Basin, an entertainment law attorney at Greenburg/Glusker.


Constitutional Law

This week’s podcast discusses the practice of Constitutional Law. On the program we will hear from William H. “Chip” Mellor, co-founder, President, and General Counsel of the Institute for Justice, and Jeremy Hessler, a 3L at the University of California Hastings College of the Law and Editor-in-Chief of the Hastings Constitutional Law Quarterly.


Getting A Law Degree Later In Life

This week’s podcast discusses attending law school later in life. Our guests are Deborah Schneider, author of Should You Really Be A Lawyer? The Guide to Smart Career Choices Before, During and After Law School; Ruth Carter, a current 3L at Arizona State University College of Law; and Mark Anderson, a current 1L at William Mitchell College of Law in St. Paul, Minnesota.


Intellectual Property Law

This week’s podcast is the third installment of our law practices series. This week will discuss intellectual property, or IP, law. Our guests on the program are Jerry Fellows, shareholder at Greenberg Traurig, LLP, and Lewis Gould, partner and chairman of the Patent and Trademark Practice Group at Duane Morris LLP.


What can you do with a law degree?

In this week’s podcast we look into the question, “What to do with a Law Degree?” We speak with Robert Boland, sports agent, attorney, and professor at NYU; Caroline Dowd Higgins, Director of the Career and Professional Development Office at Indiana School of Law; and Robert Nelson, Director of the American Bar Foundation.


Real Estate Law

This week’s podcast takes a look at the practice of real estate law. We’ll hear from professors at two U.S. ABA-approved law schools: University of Montana School of Law Associate Professor Kristen Juras, and University of Wisconsin Law School Associate Professor Thomas Mitchell.


Hollywood Misconceptions

This week’s podcast looks into Hollywood’s misconceptions of lawyers. We spoke with Michelle King, Creator and Executive Producer of “The Good Wife” on CBS; Elie Mystal, Editor of abovethelaw.com; and Michael Asimow, Professor of Law Emeritus at UCLA and author of Lawyers in your Living Room and Reel Justice.


Bankruptcy Law

This week’s podcast discusses the practice of bankruptcy law. We’ll hear from experts Linda Garrett, an attorney in Fairfield, California, and Joanne Reisman, an attorney at Portland Legal Services in Portland, Oregon.


Contract Law

This week’s podcast takes a look at the legal practice of contracts. We’ll hear from experts Frank Snyder, Professor at Texas Wesleyan School of Law; Steven Schooner, Professor at George Washington University Law School; and Brian Bix, Professor at the University of Minnesota Law School.


Mergers and Acquisitions

This week’s podcast takes a look at the legal practice of mergers and acquisitions. We’ll hear from experts Felix Kushnir, attorney at Dickstein Sharpiro LLP in Washington (DC), and Bill Staley, an attorney in California.


Estate and Trust Law

This week’s podcast takes a look at the practice of estate and trust law. We’ll hear from experts Jeff Forer, attorney at Hinojosa & Wallet LLP; Robert Mucklestone, attorney at Perkins Coie LLP; and Brian Starr, attorney at Starr Law Firm, PLC.


Large Versus Small Law Firms

This week’s podcast takes a look at the differences between large and small law firms. We’ll hear from experts Elie Mystal, an editor at legal tabloid AboveTheLaw.com, Vicki Huebner, Assistant Dean of Law Career Services at Santa Clara University School of Law, and Abby Armstrong, Director of the Office of Career Services at Vermont Law School.


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