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Black Marks on Law School Applications

This week’s podcast discusses “black” or “red” marks on your law school applications. Our guests on the program are Susan Krinsky, Associate Dean of Admissions at Tulane University Law School; Joyce Curll, former Dean of Admissions at Harvard Law School and New York University School of Law, and author of Best Law School Admission Secrets; and Collins Byrd, Assistant Dean of Admissions at University of Iowa College of Law.


Applying to Law School via Early Admission

This week’s podcast discusses the concept of early decision with law school applications. Some schools offer applicants the option to “apply early” to schools, which can be beneficial to students seeking entrance to a particular school. Early decision applicants often have an earlier deadline for their application, and will obtain their admissions decision sooner. This allows applicants to know far in advance if they have been admitted to the school of their choice. However, most early decisions are also binding, which require the student to attend the program they were admitted to, and to withdraw all applications with other schools.


The Under Represented Minority

This week’s podcast discusses law students that fall under the category of the underrepresented minority, or URM. LSAC states that only 1 out of every 25 lawyers is African American, Latino, Asian American or Native American. LSAC also states, as per the statistics available on their site, that in the 2008 school year only 25% of law school students were recognized minorities.


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