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The 1L Advantage

This week’s podcast discusses how to prepare for law school and get the 1L advantage even before you decide to attend. On the program we will hear from Steve Stein, co-creator of PowerScore Test Preparation’s 1L Advantage course, and Ursula Furi-Perry, Director of Academic Support and adjunct professor at Massachusetts School of Law at Andover and a 1L Advantage course instructor.


Scholarship vs. Highly Ranked

This week’s podcast discusses the differences between choosing a law school due to scholarship monies or a high ranking. Our guests on the program are Anne Chaconas, Director of Admission Counseling at PowerScore Test Preparation and author of the upcoming book, The PowerScore Guide to the Top U.S. Law Schools; Deborah Schneider, co-author of Should You Really Be a Lawyer; Ian Graham, attorney and author of Unbillable Hours; and Gary Young, attorney and author of Law School Ninja.


Federal Loan Forgiveness Programs

This week’s podcast discusses federal student loan forgiveness programs. We’ll hear from experts Isaac Bowers, Senior Program Manager for Educational Debt & Outreach at Equal Justice Works; Mark Kantrowitz, publisher of finaid.org and fastweb.com; and Heather Jarvis, financial expert at askheatherjarvis.com.


ABA/Non ABA Schools

This week’s podcast discusses deciding between an ABA-accredited and a non-ABA-accredited law school. On the program we have Richard Hermann, professor at Concord Law School, a non-ABA-accredited online law school; Hulett H. “Bucky” Askew, Consultant on Legal Education to the American Bar Association (ABA); and George Leal, the Director of Educational Standards in the Office of Admissions at the State Bar of California.


Letters of Recommendation

This week’s podcast discusses letters of recommendation in the law school application. The letter of recommendation can be a telling aspect of any application because it can show the relationship between an applicant and a third party. It gives an applicant’s mentor, professor or friend the ability to explain to an admissions representative why they might be a better candidate than other similarly-situated applicants.


Branding Yourself On Law School Applications

This week’s podcast discusses effectively marketing and branding yourself on law school applications. We’ll hear from experts Edward Tom, Dean of Admission at UC Berkeley School of Law and Bill Hoye, Associate Dean of Admission and Student Affairs at Duke University School of Law.



This week’s podcast discusses the Free Application for Federal Student Aid, or FASFA. We’ll hear from experts Kathleen Koch, Assistant Dean for Student Financial Services at Seattle University School of Law; Nicky Fornarotto, Financial Aid Coordinator and LRAP Administrator at Rutgers School of Law–Newark; and Dr. Jeffrey Hanson, owner of Jeffrey Hanson Education Services.


Choosing the Best Mix of Law Schools

This week’s podcast discusses the best mix of law schools for applications to which students should apply. We’ll hear from experts Anna Ivey, author of The Ivey Guide to Law School Admissions, and Heike Spahn, senior law school admissions consultant with AdmissionConsultants, Inc. Both Ivey and Spahn have held the post of Associate Director of Admissions at the University of Chicago Law School.


Public Interest Scholarship Programs

This week’s podcast takes a look at public interest scholarship programs. We’ll hear from experts Heather Jarvis, student loan expert and owner of www.askheatherjarvis.com; Beth Hansen, Director of Career Services at BYU Law School; and Elizabeth Dunn, Director of Public Service Careers and Pro Bono programs at Villanova Law School.


Federal versus Private Student Loans

This week’s podcast takes a look the differences between federal and private student loans. On the program our financial experts are Heather Jarvis, student loan expert and founder of www.AskHeatherJarvis.com and Glen Herrick, Senior Vice-President with Wells Fargo.


Can a master’s degree raise my GPA for law school admission?

This week’s podcast examines the frequently asked question, “can a master’s degree raise my GPA for law school admission?” Guests for this program are Anna Ivey, author of Ivey Guide to Law School Admissions and Heike Spahn, senior consultant with Admission Consultants and former Assistant Dean at the University of Chicago Law School.


Getting A Law Degree Later In Life

This week’s podcast discusses attending law school later in life. Our guests are Deborah Schneider, author of Should You Really Be A Lawyer? The Guide to Smart Career Choices Before, During and After Law School; Ruth Carter, a current 3L at Arizona State University College of Law; and Mark Anderson, a current 1L at William Mitchell College of Law in St. Paul, Minnesota.


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