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Branding Yourself On Law School Applications

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This week’s podcast discusses effectively marketing and branding yourself on law school applications. We’ll hear from experts Edward Tom, Dean of Admission at UC Berkeley School of Law and Bill Hoye, Associate Dean of Admission and Student Affairs at Duke University School of Law.

Dean Edward Tom underscores the importance of students thinking about and clearly articulating the voice they are going to bring into the classroom on their law school application. In this way, he says, students are giving admission staffers a good idea of what type of student you will be in the classroom. He advises students against writing about what they think he “wants to hear,” but rather focusing on what they want to say. Dean Tom goes on to say that practicing law should be a calling—therefore, explaining your motivations for practicing law can sometimes make an application stand out. He also posits that individual motivations are the most powerful reasons behind an applicant’s law school bid, and should flow into an applicant’s personal branding scheme in both the application and the personal statement.

Dean Bill Hoye, on the other hand, feels that trying to “brand” yourself on law school applications can be perceived as artificial. When an application is overly branded, he says, it can sometimes feel like the student is only saying what they feel is necessary to be accepted. Instead of having a comprehensive marketing scheme for their applications, Dean Hoye recommends that students simply write from their heart and focus on personal experiences. In closing, Dean Hoye suggests that all students completing law school applications do so with unwavering confidence.


Edward Tom – Dean of Admissions at UC Berkeley School of Law
Bill Hoye – Associate Dean of Admission and Student Affairs at Duke University School of Law

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