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This week’s podcast discusses the practice of bankruptcy law. We’ll hear from experts Linda Garrett, an attorney in Fairfield, California, and Joanne Reisman, an attorney at Portland Legal Services in Portland, Oregon.

Linda Garrett begins her comments by explaining that the practice of bankruptcy law is centered on helping people who need a fresh start. She also emphasizes the importance of thoroughly researching and understanding this (or any other) area of the law you are considering working in, in order to truly understand what it entails and what will be required of you. Garrett also goes on to suggest that students so their utmost to pick a career field that fits their personality, and states that the only way to find that out is to take a hands-on approach to each field, working in it to get a full understand of its inner workings. In closing, Garrett has some more general employment advice for students, encouraging them to think outside the box when looking for jobs.

Our other podcast guest, Joanne Reisman, explains that bankruptcy law isn’t always taught in law school but that, if you are interested in the practice, there are things to do to prepare, such as taking taxation courses taking part in bankruptcy or foreclosure clinics. Reisman agrees with Garrett, and says that the best way to learn any practice of law is to immerse yourself in it, perhaps by interning in an office that practices the specialty. She underscores the importance of getting practical experience in the field before committing to it, and recommends that students get as much experience as possible.


Linda Garrett – Attorney at Law Office of Linda C. Garrett
Joanne Reisman – Attorney at Portland Legal Services

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