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This week’s podcast discusses the “what ifs” of law school applications and decisions. We look into why denials, waitlist and deferrals happen and the correct way to react to admissions decisions. We also take a look at other common “what ifs” in the application process.

In this podcast you get the perspective of two different admission consultants (one of whom is a former Dean of University of Chicago Law School), and a current Director of Admissions at a law school. Their perspectives truly give you the inside scoop on ways to handle the what ifs: how to view them, how to handle them, and how to react to them in the best possible way.

Chaconas mentions the idea of full disclosure for both good and bad aspects of your application so your admission decision can be made with 100% honesty. Ivey mentions the concept of interviews – both required and self-requested – and how they can help your application file but could also do the complete opposite if you aren’t prepared. Finally, Nance mentions a variety of ways to make your application the best it can be and how to have the best application in a variety of instances.


Anna Ivey – President of Ivey Consulting and Former Dean of Chicago Law School
Jacqlene Nance – Director of Admissions and Scholarships – University of Kansas School of Law
Anne Chaconas – Director of Admissions Counseling – PowerScore

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