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LSAT Nightmares

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The topic this week is LSAT nightmares. Although students always worry about the LSAT the week or night before taking the test, the nightmares we discuss today occurred on the test day itself.

Our two guests, Kaplan’s Jeff Thomas and Above the Law’s Elie Mystal, have heard their fair share of horror stories from students taking the LSAT. From the expected (a proctor mistiming the test) to the disgusting (a student getting sick inside the test classroom), and on to the outlandish (obnoxious bands playing outside the classroom window), there really isn’t anything that can’t conceivably happen on your LSAT test date. However, Thomas does say that with the bad can come good, and says he has even heard of a testing center that baked cookies for its students so they felt calm and at ease when taking the test.

Mystal says that most of the stories he hears seem coincide with lower-than-average LSAT scores. However, there is a silver lining even to that low score: Experiencing an LSAT nightmare could spur you on your LSAT studies and hopefully do better on a second LSAT attempt or perhaps even see that law school isn’t for you and give you the change to strive towards another dream.

In addition, Thomas states there are a variety of things you can do when you go through a negative LSAT experience, including cancelling your score and retaking it at the next administration, or even writing a formal complaint to the LSAC explaining your circumstances in hopes they can be corrected in the future.


Jeff Thomas – Director of Pre-Law Programs for Kaplan Test Preparation and Admissions
Elie Mystal – Editor at Above the Law: A Legal Tabloid

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