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The Successful Law School Interview

Our topic this week is the law school admissions interview. Though most law schools don’t require or request a formal interview as part of the admissions process, the ability to engage in a successful law school interview is an important skill for all law school applicants to master. It is important to remember that any interaction, formal or informal, you have with a representative from a law school can affect your admissions chances. Therefore, even if you find yourself meeting a law school representative at a relaxed social event, understanding the best interview techniques and how to apply them effectively is important. Being a successful law school interviewee can also ultimately aid you when interviewing for legal jobs or summer internships.


JD/MBA Joint Degree

This week’s podcast discusses the joint JD/MBA degree. On the program we have Patrick Chung, a Harvard JD/MBA graduate and current partner at NEA (a venture capital firm in California); Melanie Nutt, Director of Admissions and Financial Aid at Wake Forest University School of Law; and Richard Hermann, co-editor of the Directory of Law School Joint Degree Programs.


How Can I Pay for Law School?

This week’s podcast gives information and advice on how to pay for law school. We hear from Kim Clark (lead education writer for the US News and World Report), Joe Russo (Director of Student Financial Strategies for Notre Dame), and Roberta Frick (Director of Student Finance for the University of Connecticut Law School). Our experts comment on a variety of topics and ideas for students to consider when figuring out how to pay for law school.


Is law school right for me?

This week’s podcast helps answer the question “Is Law School Right For Me?”. We spoke to Jose Ivan Roman, Assistant Director of Admissions at Boston Law School; Kelly Shull Cannon, Partner at Houser, Newman, Besley Law Firm; and Kris Tina Carlston, Lawyer and Pre-Law Advisor at Brigham Young University. Our experts discussed the qualities and skill sets it takes to succeed in the law school classroom and the questions to ask yourself before entering into the financial and time commitments of law school.


Federal Loan Forgiveness Programs

This week’s podcast discusses federal student loan forgiveness programs. We’ll hear from experts Isaac Bowers, Senior Program Manager for Educational Debt & Outreach at Equal Justice Works; Mark Kantrowitz, publisher of finaid.org and fastweb.com; and Heather Jarvis, financial expert at askheatherjarvis.com.


Journals and Clinics

This week’s podcast discusses law journals. All law schools have opportunities for students to work on and contribute to a number of student-edited publications. The one usually considered most “prestigious” is the law school’s Law Review (which typically has scholarly pieces discussing legal issues written by professors and legal experts), although there are also a variety of other journals students can join, dealing with specific areas of the law (i.e., sports law, business law, international law). No matter the type of journal you choose, though, taking part in one can definitely help you during and after law school.



This week’s podcast discusses the Free Application for Federal Student Aid, or FASFA. We’ll hear from experts Kathleen Koch, Assistant Dean for Student Financial Services at Seattle University School of Law; Nicky Fornarotto, Financial Aid Coordinator and LRAP Administrator at Rutgers School of Law–Newark; and Dr. Jeffrey Hanson, owner of Jeffrey Hanson Education Services.



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