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Prepare for Law School: The 1L Advantage

This week’s podcast discusses how to prepare for law school and get the 1L advantage even before you decide to attend. On the program we will hear from Steve Stein, co-creator of PowerScore Test Preparation’s 1L Advantage course, and Ursula Furi-Perry, Director of Academic Support and adjunct professor at Massachusetts School of Law at Andover and a 1L Advantage course instructor.


Preparing for Law School Exams

This week’s podcast discusses preparing for law school exams. We’ll hear from experts Mark Spottswood, Assistant Professor at Florida State University College of Law; Edward Imwinkelried, Professor at UC Davis College of Law; and Jessica Simon, Senior Lecturer, Associate Director of the Legal Writing Program, and Director of Academic Support at the University of Pennsylvania Law School.


Law School Rankings 2011

This week’s podcast discusses law school rankings. We’ll hear from Bob Morse, Director of Data Research for U.S. News & World Report, and Elie Mystal, an editor of legal tabloid Above The Law.



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